Friday 15 February 2013

Tweeds are out - Frock Coats are IN!

Just to affirm the changes to the Eleventh Doctor’s wardrobe, some new spin-off novels are being published - and the covers relict the changes to Matt’s costume.

The Dalek Generation

This gives a sneak view of the inside of the frock coat, and you can see the silk velvet waistcoat quite nicely.

Shroud of Sorrow

This just give a side view of the coat, but you can get a better idea of the cashmere fabric the cost is made from, which is cool.

Plague of the Cybermen

Finally the Frock Coat is ditched, and we see the waistcoat and maybe a better view of the fabric the new shirt is made from.

As I hope you can see it is similar, but not the same as the Utah shirt from series six.

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  1. Yes, it certainly looks like the Eleventh Doctor is becoming more a 19th century gentleman than old-school professor...

    Looks like the full waistcoat seen on the cover of 'Plague of the Cybermen' is different to the one on 'The Dalek Generation'.


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