Tuesday 10 November 2015

Custom Frock Coats - brown with a secret

This is the first of the two finished custom frock coats I have made this month.

We have used the very same pattern as the Matt Smith frock coat, keep ing the lines nice and clean, but with a couple of twists here and there.

The Matt Smith coat has an unusual arrangement of buttonholes: there are three either side at the front, as if to button the coat up - but with no buttons opposite to match up.

In fact, the arrangement of three on BOTH sides would suggest a double-breasting, but the coat is simply not cut for that. So I have added buttons, in a double-breasted style.

Matt’s coat also has an array of lapel buttonholes - three on either side too.

This arrangement apes the season 16 coat first worn by Tom Baker in the Power Of Kroll, and by adding the buttons it is a further nod to that coat too.

The Matt Smith coat has a corduroy collar in a deep purple. For this coat I used the very same chocolate brown velvet I used to make my Tom Baker coat.

As we have included buttons on the front, it goes to follow that buttons are added to the back too.

Finally, the I have made the cuffs with five buttons.

I noticed that each coat Matt wore had one more than before - the Donegal has two; the Shetland has three; the cashmere has four - so I have made this the next in line with five.

But the big secret about the coat is the lining. For this I have used something very special and unique.

It is a blue colourway of the stunning red-flame lining used in the Ultimate Sixth Doctor Frock Coat.

This is the first time I have used this cloth, so it makes the finishing something a little eye catching.

I hope the client likes it!


  1. Hello, Steve. Awesome coat! I'm a big fan of your work and your blog has been a big help in helping me make my own frock coat for cosplay. :)

    I remember reading back to your old posts that you are willing to sell swatches of the purple cashmere used for Matt Smith's coat. I was wondering if you're still open to that idea and how much that would cost? Thank you so much and greetings from the Philippines!


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