Friday 25 April 2014

Fabric Friday -
The Day Of The Doctor waistcoat

This week on Fabric Friday I can bring you and EXCLUSIVE new find from the wardrobe of the Eleventh Doctor!

This is the fabric used to make The Doctor’s waistcoat as seen in The Day Of The Doctor.

The fabric is a pure wool suiting quality fabric in a very dark midnight blue and deep purple mix of colours.

These images are directly scanned from fabric that was part of the bolt that was cut to make Matt’s screen-worn waistcoat. I’ve colour-matched them to the material, erring on the side of a bit brighter to show detail.
The fabric is woven in a twill, creating a fine Prince Of Wales style check.

Here’s the fabric in close detail.

I had a look in my favourite vintage tailoring book about fabrics.

The book classes the pattern as a Glenurquhart check.

It describes it as a twill weave in dark and light coloured warp and weft, creating the check effect.


  1. Where did it come from though?

  2. I had a hunch this was the mystery fabric you teased us with last week. Very interesting to see it up close. I always thought it was black or dark gray. Is this a fabric that is still in production?


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