Tuesday 14 May 2013

Bow ties are cool!

I’m often asked where to get the bow ties Matt Smith wears as The Doctor.

When he started in the role a lot of his costume was shop sourced, such as the All Saints boots; TopMan jeans; Paul Smith shirt.

However, the bow ties were always hand-made and unique, so I’m afraid you can’t find the exact ones in any shops or online.

That said, the early bow ties were just burgundy or navy silk, so fairly easy to find a next-best.

All that changed with series seven, where we now have a series of patterned fabric bow ties, all of which are quite distinctive so not as easy for the casual cosplayer to match.

So where can you find a next-best version?
Well one of my readers has put me onto a website called mrsbowtie.com, who seems to have the answer!

They make a range of novelty bow ties and include a number of Matt Smith styled options.

Here’s what they offer:

Burgundy Dr Who Tribute

Chevron - Dr Who Tribute

Loop Hole - Dr Who Tribute

Thyme Lord - Dr Who Tribute
I’m giong to get a set on order and report back with what I think of them, so check back soon.


  1. I think it would be cool if you put together a bow tie index. Though it would probably just be a bunch of screencaps of the bowties since they're all handmade.

  2. I agree with the above comment: a bow tie index would be cool.

    I'm looking forward to your review of the ties offered my Mrs. Bowtie. I'm curious to learn how close they are to screen accurate.

  3. Is it possible to order self-tie version from this site? Are the series 7 ties Matt Smith wears pre-tied? I haven't been able to tell.

  4. All the ones from the site are pre-tied.

    While the ones Matt Smith wears are self-tie, they do have a clip. So once you've tied the bowtie, you can take them off without untying them, so the bow-tie won't change shape during the episode.

  5. I've been making a grid list of each costume Matt Smith has worn so far in the Part B season. I could post it on here if anybody's interested. It's pretty simple though.

  6. I bought some from mrs bow tie and was a bit dissapointed as the fabric is quite cheap feeling and the colours arnt that good not sure how its printed, was very dissapointed however the box was nice.

    1. Im presuming they subliminally print and yes its a very cheap way of producing high quanity so they actually work out quite expensive!
      Im sticking to buying mine 100% silk. Its a shame as I initially got quite excited about this online shop, just another factory jumping on the band wagon to make a quick buck.

  7. Have you any suggestions for free bow tie sewing patterns? I'd like to make my own.

  8. Check out @bowtiesuk's Tweet: https://twitter.com/bowtiesuk/status/358138743250616320

    Available in self tied.


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