Friday 11 May 2012

New braces - the race is on!

I don’t want to be a spoiler for series seven, but I thought I’d give you a heads-up something now rather than later.

Matt Smith was seen filming somewhere-or-other for scenes in an episode-thingy and had to do some running around (phew - managed to keep that spoiler free!). This gave some fan observers and pappazzai a view of the latest addition to The Doctor’s wardrobe - some new braces.

They are distinctively different from series five and six, so worth a mention.
Previously he wore burgundy (and navy) crossover narrow braces with silver clips. These ones, however, are Y shaped, in a brighter red colour, and have much wider straps. The clips look to be gold coloured with black leather connectors.

As far as I’ve seen no-one has yet 100% identified them, but there are a couple of very good options out there if you look around.

The best so far can be found on for £11.95, and are called Mens Scarlet Red Braces Clip on 3.5cm.
Mens Scarlet Red Braces

The seller has its own online shop, and they can be found there a few pounds cheaper.
Scarlet Red Braces

There are other options out there, with less accurate leather connectors. is a good option if you are in the US.
Holdup Casual Series
If you want to spend a bit more, Austin Reed has similar braces, but again the leather connectors aren’t quite right, but the are reassuringly expensive.

Austin Reed
Red Leather Clip Braces


  1. I have a pair of suspenders quite similar, although they have leather straps instead of metal clips.


    I have these in red. I think they are spot on!


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