Friday 5 February 2010

PostScript to PS Shirt

A little while ago I had a tip-off from one of my readers.
He sent me a link to a website called selling designer clothing, including a range of Paul Smith garments.

What he had spotted was the Paul Smith PS shirt as worn by Matt Smith – but not a version that had been seen so far (see below).

The only colourway available was the blue, with no sign of a burgundy option. When I looked at the site there was a S and a L option available with a drop down to chose how many, though only 1 was given.

I choose the L and made a purchase. When I returned to the page, the L option had gone, so I guess I grabbed the last one!
Within 24 hours I received an email saying it had been dispatched, and within the week it arrived by UPS courier (with an import duty charge, darn!)

This new look Paul Smith PS shirt has some design points to differentiate it from the previous version.

  • There is no breast pocket
  • The sleeves do not have straps
  • The buttonstand is constructed differently, with large wide fold-backs half lining the fronts
  • The cuffs are entirely made form the striped sleeve strap fabric
  • The hem of the shirt is tailed rather than straight
  • There is a small embroidered PS logo on one of the cuff plackets

For me though, the major difference to this shirt is the fitting.

When I ordered my existing shirt I have, sourced from, I chose a Large. They called me to let me know it was out of stock, so I settled on an XL instead. To my surprise it was too small for me, and I later had to acquired an XXL from eBay, which is a passable fit. Since letting out the back, it is much more comfortable.
This new shirt, by comparison, is straight off a good fit, and is just a Large. The whole cut is better.

This new shirt, however, despite being just a Large, is a very good fit, with a decent amount of room in it. This bares up the Fits true to size comment on the website listing.

Lastly, I was most amused to notice the footnote in the listing that states the model, Matt, is wearing a size large.

I wonder if they mean Matt Smith?


  1. Nice find. I do like the blue shirt.

    I still havenʻt managed to find somewhere to get a shirt like the tenth Doctorʻs light blue one.

    It looks like a casual shirt (the material) but I canʻt find anything decent.

    I even tried the posh site it came from and they had nothing, and a limit on how much of each item can be bought from each brand. Which I thought was odd.


  2. Sorry, i know it's been a while since the last post here but i think i know what the light blue shirt is. Looking at some pictures of a Bonhams auction of some of Ten's old costumes, they mentioned that the light blue shirt (he only wore one style of the lighter shirt i think, and that was the one in the auction) was a Uni-Qlo. Looking on their website, you can see a shirt that looks exactly the same, but in white ( They have other shirts in a pale blue colour, but these look like a slightly heavier fabric than the actual shirt.

    From what i've read, the pale blue shirt looked white because it was such a light fabric. The shirt worn at the end of "The End Of Time" was the same colour, but because this was a heavier cotton it showed up as blue.


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