Friday 26 February 2016

Eye spy with my little eye -
something hidden on eBay

It’s funny what turns up on eBay sometimes.

Someone sent me a link to this listing for a job lot of buttons. A real mixed bag of all sorts of buttons, in tubes. But one tube caught my eye.....

JOB LOT Buttons (in tubes) 30+ tubes
One of the photos for the auction shows a very familiar button - at least to fans of the Matt Smith wardrobe.

In fact, while I’m thinking about it, I do have a number of spares of these buttons, so if you want a set to adorn your waistcoat, drop me a line.

A set of six screen accurate buttons are available at £12 a set.

If you want a set of Matt Smith waistcoat buttons, please mail me at
for details.


  1. Ever think you'll put the fabric for the waistcoat up for sale? Or maybe even have it rewoven so more people can have accurate waistcoats?

    1. I have limited supply of the cloth and clients wanting made waistcoats. Sorry


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