Wednesday 29 January 2014

Gallifrey One 2014 -
Advanced Tailoring Techniques

Last year when I attend Gallifrey One in Los Angeles, I presented a solo panel in which I discussed and showed some of my more challenging tailoring projects.

Due to popular demand, I have been asked to do a similar panel again this year.
The premininary schedule is now out and I am down to present my panel at 4pm on Sunday 16th February 2014.

The main drive of what I shall be presenting will be British Tailoring and the art of the Frock Coat.

I have been making a lot of Frock Coats one way or another over the past 18 month so I’ve gain a lot of experience.

All of the coats have their roots in the classic Edwardian design despite their differing appearances.

I hope if you are coming to Gallifrey One you’ll come alone and join the audience - there will be Jammie Dodgers.....

If you can’t make it, or just want a good idea of what I’ll be talking about, here is a video of my panel from last year.

If you a specific topic you’d like me to discuss at my panel, please mail me at 
with your suggestion.


  1. The challenge of frock coats and all other body coats however does not lie in the making up, rather it is an extreme issue of fit. It is for this reason that newcomers are advised to stay away from frock coats altogether. Wouldn't it be more educational and useful to lecture on the standard lounge again? It might give homesewers a hope of success.

  2. I have actually become very interested in making frock coats. I'll try to go to Gallifrey One next year and hopefully you'll be doing another panel. I'm sure I'm not quite ready for "advanced" tailoring right now anyway. :)

    Thanks for sharing the video! Very cool.


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