Thursday 22 August 2013

Bow ties are getting cooler!

A little while ago I showed you a company called Mrs Bow Tie, who carry a small range of “tribute” Doctor Who bow ties.

They are made from printed silk, and although not perfect they are very functional while we wait for a decent woven alternative.

You can see the range they have in my review here:
Bow ties are cool!
Well, a good friend of mine has found another place to get similar replica bow ties from a seller on, called TheDirectorsCabin.

They do a range, including Fourth, Fifth, Tenth and the Eleventh Doctors.

The No. 11 Matt Smith
Tribute Freestyle Bow
The bow tie is self-tied and comes in two widths as a “batwing” (see above) or “butterfly” (see right).
They have an adjuster at the back, so one size fits all.

They also do a range of novelty Doctor Who based bow ties, based on a mixture of abstract patterns and replica fabric such as the Tenth Doctor pin striped suit and Fourth Doctor scarf.


  1. Thanks for the heads up on this

  2. How do I message you in order to discuss costume purchace, please? And names or sourcing of materials.

  3. I got my Number 11 tie today. It's a lovely tie and well made, but ouch! on the customs charges. Well, not so much the £3.50 customs charge itself, more the unavoidable Royal Mail "handling charge" of £8 on top of that...

  4. I think the Mrs bow tie Dr who tribute collection is ok but I must correct what you have mentioned (sorry) just dont want others to be dissatisfied. The fabric is not silk but a polyester which makes me question where in Britain do they buy polyester? So not quite the advocate for britains declining textile manufacturers, overall good for a tight budget or costume wear.


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