Monday 5 November 2012

Easter Island statues - but no bow ties

Not strictly costume related - but I thought it would make you smile.

I was out and about and visited a local garden centre.
Wandering through the garden stoneware area I noticed that Easter Island heads seemed to be the in thing this year!

There were concrete ones in buff, cream and grey, as well as ceramic glazed ones in blue and black.

But that wasn’t all - indoors was another alternative, this time in dark grey simulated slate.

Now it makes me think of Matt Smith!

The connection was referred to in The Impossible Astronaut, when The Doctor and River Song are syncing diaries. They mention Easter Island, alluding to the visual resemblance between Matt Smith and the famous statues.

But the connection had been made quite a while before, when tv critic Charlie Brooker made the following observation.
“The TARDIS has been whirling charmingly in space since the pre-Nando’s era, and in that time it’s housed 11 Doctors: Silver-haired grandpa William Hartnell; flute-playing hobo Patrick Troughton; dandy Worzel Gummidge-in-Waiting Jon Pertwee; eccentric boggle-eyed mop Tom Baker; Peter Davison, the troubled-looking Timotay Doctor; Colin Baker, a permed and spiky weirdo; kooky walking tour guide Sylvester McCoy; tousle-haired motorbiking action hero Paul McGann; crop-haired and intense Christopher Eccleston; national crush David Tennant; and the new guy, Matt Smith, who looks a bit like a friendly Easter Island statue in a bowtie.”
Charlie Brooker

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  1. There's also another link to the Easter Island statues for Doctor Who. The 4th Doctor and Leela visited Easter Island in 1872 in the novel Eye of Heaven.


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