Friday 10 June 2011

A REAL alternative to the All Saints boots

I have often reported on alternatives my readers have found to the elusive All Saints Layer Boots, from the popular River Island Double Eyelet Boots; passing the TopMan and Aldo look-a-likes; to the more recent Peacock Boots; before coming full circle back to All Saints.

Well, Magnoli Clothiers in New Zealand have gone the extra mile by producing a replica boot especially for Eleven cosplayers!

At first glance they look pretty good, and have the unique contrasting layer of leather at the ankle.

However, on closer inepection (going by the photographs released) they are made form a black leather rather than the very dark brown as you can see on the originals (see top of entry).

The toe cap is also quite high as are  the heals.

But my main gripe is they are far too pristine in appearance and look little like the pre-aged originals they are trying to ape.

Still, they are undoubtedly the best option out there at present, but with a US$450 price tag, far more expensive than the Layer boots ever were when they were current (they retailed at GB£110, equal to US$180).

I’d expect these to sell well though.

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