Wednesday 18 May 2011

I’m 100,000 hits old today!

Today was a bit of a landmark day for this blog.
At precisely 19:59 GMT today I had my 100,000th hit!!!!

Since I started my first blog for my Tennant Coat back in March 2009, I didn’t know where things would lead.
I started covering costumes for other Doctors, and soon had to spin them out into other parallel blogs.

Before long I had EIGHT costume streams – all covering my various clothing endeavours!

The blog you are reading has proved by far to be the most popular and read – the 100,000 hits is testament to that. But what it doesn’t really reveal is the daily hit-rate I have been having.

Here are the dull figures!

36,807 hits in 789 days
46 hits a day
64,622 hits in 782 days
82 hits a day
19,032 hits in 572 days
33 hits a day
4,829 hits in 346 days
14 hits a day
26,149 hits in 620 days
42 hits a day
19,993 hits in 572 days
34 hits a day
14,180 hits in 578 days
24 hits a day
100,000 hits in 503 days
a staggering 199 hits a day!

As you can see, the Eleventh Doctor blog blows the others out of the water when it comes to hits, especially when you look at them as a per-day rate.

I have to thank EVERYONE one who’s visited my blogs and given me the hits I’ve had. It’s great to know someone out there is reading what I write, and hopefully enjoying it along the way.

I wonder who that 100,000th visitor was . . ..  ?


  1. I think we all know that Steve is a well respected member of the who community and his work is second to none. If you want the best,you get in touch with Steve. His blogs give us all the information that a lot of us crave and he shares this openly with us. Keep up the good work Steve!!!

  2. Congrats! Your work is clearly watched by many fans. Keep up the great work.

  3. On this note I'm proud to be pretty much the first of those that clicked the "follow" button way back when for each one of the blogs as they were added.

    It's always a pleasure to read your thoughts and findings Steve, and naturally you're work as said above, is "second to none".


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